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Simple Panel

This is a simple panel. All panels in Adminity are collapsible by clicking on the header.
Creating a panel like this one is very easy, you only need 3 divs with classes 'box', 'box-head' and 'box-content'.

Adminity also includes a styler. Open it by clicking the eye icon near the logo. A tooltip will tell you what color each colorpicker changes.


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Data Table

Rendering engine Browser Platform(s) Engine version CSS grade
Trident Internet Explorer 4.0 Win 95+ 4 X
Trident Internet Explorer 5.0 Win 95+ 5 C
Trident Internet Explorer 5.5 Win 95+ 5.5 A
Trident Internet Explorer 6 Win 98+ 6 A
Trident Internet Explorer 7 Win XP SP2+ 7 A
Trident AOL browser (AOL desktop) Win XP 6 A
Gecko Firefox 1.0 Win 98+ / OSX.2+ 1.7 A
Gecko Firefox 1.5 Win 98+ / OSX.2+ 1.8 A
Gecko Firefox 2.0 Win 98+ / OSX.2+ 1.8 A
Gecko Firefox 3.0 Win 2k+ / OSX.3+ 1.9 A

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